Thursday, March 1, 2007



Knowles Creek

Coastal Valley

March Cloud Cover

Coastal Lagoon

Darlingtonia Californica
"The Cobra Lilly"

Knowles Creek

Coastal Drainage

M.F. Willamette River

M.F. Willamette River Spring

Blue Winged Olive Mayfly

Row River

Head of Cottage Grove Lake

Looking Skyward

Canada Goose

Metolious River Bull Trout

Metolious River

Spey Caster , Metolious River

Central Oregon Deer

Frigid Fly Reels

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troutski said...

Very cool, I myself don't tie flies, but I do buy a lot of them. Your photographic eye is right-on. I really enjoyed the visit, I will pass the site information on to other like minded anglers.